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Denver Flying Lessons is where dreams are made. Our affiliate network of flight schools is ready to get you in the skies in no time. Staffed with only experienced and reputable flight instructors, you can rest assured knowing you are in safe hands at any one of these flight schools.

Flight Schools in Denver
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Denver Flying Lessons knows how important flying is to you and that is why we have made sure our affiliate flight schools employ only FAA Certified pilots to ensure your safety and give you the best experience possible. If you have a passion for flying, you will know there is nothing as exhilarating... We make sure you are in safe hands as you enjoy you time in the Colorado sky!

Take flight lessons in Denver for your sport pilot license, private pilot license, instrument rating or commercial pilot license.

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Sport Pilot License
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Flight Schools in Denver

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Affordable and fun, a Sport Pilot License is one of the simplest ways to enjoy your favorite way to fly. Learn to fly a recreational aircraft over Denver in half the time it takes to obtain your pilot's license. A sport pilot can fly any aircraft that meets the definition of a light-sport aircraft.

Sport pilots can only fly a light sport aircraft during the day below 10,000 feet and can only carry one passenger. Denver Flying Lessons will match you with a flight school in your area that will assist you in qualifying for and obtaining your Colorado pilot's license.

In order to earn a sport pilot license your must first satisfy the following FAA requirements for training:

  • Be at least 16 to become a student sport pilot (14 for glider)
  • Be at least 17 to test for a sport pilot certificate (16 for gliders)
  • Hold a current and valid U.S. driver's license as evidence of medical eligibility
  • Pass an FAA sport pilot knowledge test
  • Pass a FAA sport pilot practical (flight) test

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Private Pilot License
You will be on your way to flying your own aircraft over Colorado in no time.

You can live you dream of flying today when you obtain your Private Pilot License (PPL) through Denver Flying Lessons. With this license, you will have the freedom to fly anywhere you want without many flight restrictions. Obtaining your Private Pilot License through one of our our network flight schools near Denver in our network has never been easier.

To obtain your license through Denver Flying Lessons, a minimum of 40 flight hours must be completed and written and practical exams are required. You must be at least 16 years old to fly solo, and you must pass a medical exam. Your instruction includes ground school, solo and dual flights with an instructor, a written and practical test and passing a medical exam. This license permits the holder to pilot an aircraft anywhere in the United States, and to carry passengers. A Private Pilot may not be paid to fly nor carry passengers or cargo for hire or compensation.

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Instrument Rating Pilot's Certificate
Allowing you to Fly in All Weather Conditions

Denver Instrument Rating

An Instrument Rating Certificate is needed to fly in severe weather conditions. Without this, and even if you have obtained your Private or Commercial Pilot License, you cannot fly during fogs, heavy snow or precipitation and other inclement weather.

With this certificate, you can now fly your airplane through the guidance of your instruments and flight gauges in the cockpit. Remove the restrictions on your license by enrolling in an instrument flight rules (IFR) course through Denver Flying Lessons. If you hold a private pilot license and have completed 50 hours of cross-country flight then you can get started today.

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Commercial Pilot License
The Final Step for Your Pilot Career!

Earn a commercial pilot license with Denver Flying Lessons and earn a living from flying. Train to become a pilot by registering for a flight-training course with one of our network flight schools. Whether you want to take an accelerated course or pace your learning, our affiliates offer comprehensive training programs to suit your needs.

The basics needed to determine your eligibility for a commercial pilot certificate are:

  • Holding a private pilot certificate
  • Being at least 18 years of age
  • The ability to read, speak, write, and fully understand the English language
  • Completing 250 hours of flight time (including cross country, instrument, and complex aircraft training)

With a commercial pilot license, the Colorado sky will truly be your limit. Trained instructors will prepare you to pass the FAA Commercial Pilot knowledge exam and the FAA practical test so you can begin your career with a major airline if that is your desire.

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